Parking policy and winter weather

Our holiday home and the holiday apartment “Am Grünen Wald” in Hellenthal are the last houses of a dead end street.
Because there is no passing traffic here, cars can be parked just along the road. Make sure that they are placed as close as possible to the house and the garden.

The street is sloping. However, in the winter period the roads are cleaned well in Germany. Even in “our” street, a snowplow always leaves the snow in the morning. Pay special attention to park the cars as close as possible to the house.
Despite the sloping road, it is not necessary to use snow chains.
However, it is necessary in Germany to have winter tires. This applies to the period from 1 October to 31 March.

In Germany, motor vehicles must be equipped with winter tires during winter conditions. This rule also applies to foreigners who are in Germany during this period.
Winter conditions are according to German law: sleet, smoothness through snow, snow mud or slipperiness due to ice or frost formation.