To make your stay in our holidayappartment “Am grünen Wald” for you and others as pleasant as possible, we ask your attention to the following:

  1. You must find the holiday apartment on arrival without defects, tidy and clean. If you are not satisfied on arrival, please notify us, if significant, directly by telephone. The you you can find in the welcomeletter that we will always send you. Of course you can always inform our gardian.
  2. If something accidentally is broken, this is not a disaster. Please let us know so that we can arrange for repair or replacement.
  3. The Holiday apartment “Am grünen Wald” has central heating. You can control the temperature with the thermostat buttons on each heating plate.
  4. We request you NOT to smoke in the apartment. This in connection with fire safety and offering smoke-free rooms to you or others who appreciate this and also for those who come after you. For your safety there is a smokedetector installed in the holidayappartment. You can always smoke outside on the terrace. In bad weather you can also smoke in the porch. There you will also find shelter from rain and wind.
  5. Try to separate waste as much as possible. The rules for collecting and processing waste are much stricter in Germany than in other countries. You will find waste bins outside at the garage. There are various containers for different types of waste.
      • Yellow container: All recycable materials like plastic-, milk-, and jucepackages, etc. and metal foodontainers.
      • Blue container: Paper, cardboard
      • Round container: Glas
      • Gray container: Residual waste (only in closed garbage bags).
  6. Ensure before leaving the following rules:
      • That the apartment is neat and tidy.
      • The terrace and patio furniture is clean.
      • Leave the house “broom clean”.
      • Remove bed linen and place it down in the house.
      • The kitchen should always be left tidy, The dishes must be claen in the cupboards. Refrigerator must be clean and empty and switched off.
      • Empty and clean the garbage can. (Waste as much as possible separated).
      • Close all windows and doors.
      • Switch off all heating plates: Switch off thermostat controls in case of cold at setting 2 / otherwise off
      • Put out all the lights.

    Hopefully you have had a pleasant stay in our holidayapaprtment “Am grünen Wald” and we hope to see you again in Hellenthal.