About the house

The apartment can be reached via the back of the house. At the garage you will find the stairs to the garden and from there you will first enter the porch with the entrance to the apartment.
The Holiday apartment “Am grünen Wald” consists of two floors. It accommodates 2 people.

The bedroom is situated on the first floor. Here you will find a double bed with 2 mattresses. You sleep under duvets. Upon arrival, the gardiens will have hand over the bedding for you.
If you want to get out of bed at a certain time, we have thought of an alarm clock on one of the two bedside tables. A clothes rack is provided for clothing.

Downstairs you will find a cozy furnished apartment.
A simple kitchen unit offers you a microwave oven-grill, a 2-burner electric stove, a Senseo coffee machine and a water boiler.
The dining area is close to the kitchen. The seating area is equipped with a two-seater sofa and a one-seat.
There is also the bathroom. This compact space gives place to a toilet, a sink and a shower. In the bathroom you will find a hair dryer.

A satellite dish ensures the reception of freely received TV channels. There are broadcasts in every language. There is a DVD/Blue-ray player. We have also provided a small radio. There is also WiFi available in the apartment.

The address:
53940 Hellenthal. Located in the Volcanic Eifel, neighboring village of the town of Schleiden, about 25 km from Monschau.

We have a gardian in Reifferscheid. in case of an emergency she can assist you.

We have hung the key in a key box, so that it is possible for guests to arrive at any time.